Red Trousers

The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen

directed and produced by Robin Shou









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Why was it important for you to show this side of the Hong Kong stuntman?"


"I came from that background and I always feel that no one really knows about these guys. When I was a stuntman I got a lot of-from directors, and actors where you got treated really bad, nobody really gave a darn about us, get hurt or not, or-all they want is the shot. It doesn't matter how much abuse our bodies take, it doesn't matter. They want impact, and they want it hard. As a stuntman in Hong Kong because of the culture, you can't really say 'No,' because we are so obedient. 'This is my boss.' So now I thought, that would be a really interesting kind of topic because now and-I want people to understand what it feels like, and yet we're not pitying ourselves either, we're proud. It's just part of the whole physical, mental, everything."

Robin Shou (Interview Latino Review)




Movie Awards
Newport Beach Film Festival Award 2003
Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Award





~ Plot Summeries of ~

Red Trousers

Evan, A short action film interwoven into a documentary tells the story of the legendary unsung heroes of Hong Kong film, the stuntmen and women. This film features the world's most illustrious stuntmen, and many current working stuntmen, profiled through interviews and clips that showcase their work. It explores their death-defying feats and foolhardy working methods and traces their origin back to the original Hong Kong stuntmen known as "red trousers" - a term used to describe acrobats in Peking Opera. By incorporating the martial arts, fantasy, adventure short action film, "Lost Time," the viewer is given an actual account of how stunts are created and executed on film.

Lost Time
(imbeded short film)

Evan, a member of the once proud and feared group of assassins known as Forest Devils. He must take on his toughest assignment yet--kill his fellow assassins before he himself is assassinated. Together with his partner and lover Silver, they set out on a quest to annihilate the true evil.





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Red Trousers - The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen on DVD
Credits to the 2-Disc Collector's Edition incl. 28-page pictorial booklet, interviews, documentaries, film clips, behind the scenes shots and the short movie "Lost time" mixed together.
~ DISC I ~
(imbedded short movie)

Director: Robin Shou
Producer: Robin Shou
Executive producer: Bernard Soo
Executive producer: Helen Soo
Dir of phot: Chris Faloona
Editor: Kris Jenkins
Music: Nathan Wang (org. score)
Music: Ezra Gould (org. score)
Special effects: Andrew Wong (coördinator)
Special effects: Roger Injarusom

Studio: Tai Seng Media (Asia) Ltd.
Country: Hong Kong / USA
Year: 2002 / 2003
Runtime: 110 min
Format: DVD Collector's Edition, Color, Dolby, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC, PAL
Picture: 1.85:1 Widescreen
Sound: DD5.1 English / Cantonese
Language: English / Cantonese / Subtitles
Certification: USA:R / UK:15 / Germany: 12
Number of discs: 2
Region: Region 2
Release Date: 22nd Aug 2005
Extras: Audio Commentary, Extended Interviews, Deleted Footage, Behind the Scenes, Trailers, Photos

Sammo Hung Kam Bo
Lau Kar Leung
Ridley Tsui
Robin Shou
Chow Cheung Duck
Wong Chi Man
Ada Leung Pui Yee
Jude Poyer
Jack Wong
Kam Loi Kwan
Kok Siu Hang
Wang Hua

Students of the Shanghai Opera Institue and Xiao Xiang Yu's Hope Art School:
Cheng Zhong
Feng Yi Mao
Fu Kun Peng
Han Yue
Li Yuan
Ma Jian
Meng Guang
Wang Cai Ping
Xue Bing Tao
Yang Liu Yang
Zhang Rui Feng
Zhao Wei

Appearence of:
Tai Yuen Opera Troop


The Angel Enforcers, My Way Film co. 1989
Buddha's Palm, Ng Bo Ki 1964
The Cyprus Tigers, My Way Film co. 1990
Fatal Chase, My Way Film co. 1992
Kickfighter, My Way Film co. 1989
The Hidden Enforcers, B&S Film Production, 2002
Mortal Combat, New Line productions 1995
Ninja, Pearl City Video, 1987
No regret, no return, Hing Fa Movie co. 1993
Undefeatable, My Way Film co. 1989
"snap cable accident" Wang Hua private collection 1998.


Director: Robin Shou
Action director: Tony Leung Siu Hung
Action director: Ridley Tsui Bo Wah
Action director: Andy Chan
Action director: Jack Wong
Ass. action director: Wong Kwan Hong
Ass. director: Audrey Mak
Ass. director: Wong Pui Lam
Production manager: Tony Wong
Production manager: Julian Poon
Dir. of phot: Christopher Faloona
Cinematography: Jim Pak Hung
Steadycam operator: Jimmy Wong
Editor: Kris Jenkins.
Ass. editor: Ben Goodman
Writer: Dr. Graig D Reid
Sound recoording: Anthony Kwok
Special effects: Wong Choi Limited
Special effects: Andrew Wong (coördinator)
Special effects: Roger Injarusom
Art director: Kwok Siu Keung
Costumes: Cindy Cheng
Make up: Man Lay Yee
Hairstylist: Lau Siu Yin
Hairstylist: Mark Ida
Props: Law Tak Ngok (specialist)
Props: Lai Pak Chuen (supervisor)
Props: too many to list
Music: Nathan Wang (org. score)
Music: Ezra Gould (org. score)
Music: Songs; too many to list

Stuntman: Chan Ming Fung
Stuntman: Cheung Lok Chung
Stuntman: Ching Kwok Leung
Stuntman: Choi Kwok Keung
Stuntman: Chow Kam Kong
Stuntman: Kam Hay Kwan
Stuntman: Kam Loi Kwan
Stuntman: Kok Siu Hang
Stuntman: Kong Foo Keung
Stuntman: Leung Chi Ming
Stuntman: Ng Wing Sum
Stuntman: Wong Chi Man
Stuntman: Yiu Leung Kei
Stuntwoman: Ada Leung Pui Yee
Stuntwoman: Pak Suk Ching

Robin Shou (as Evan)
Beatrice Chia (as Silver)
Akim Alston (as Eyemarder)
Keith Hirabayashi (as Kermuran)
Dr. Craig D. Reid (as Jia Fei)
Michael Leeder (as Mr. Chow)
Mindy Dhanjal (as Zu Yao Hei)
Eva Guidi (as cage dancer)
John Dole ( as 'The Gag Guy')
Mike Lambert ( as a 'Flying Machine Bodyguard')
Kam Loi Kwan ( as a 'Flying Machine Bodyguard')
Kok Siu Hang ( as a 'Flying Machine Bodyguard')
Ng Wing Sum ( as a 'Flying Machine Bodyguard')
Jude Poyer ( as a 'Flying Machine Bodyguard')
Buffalo Ma (as a 'Computer Virus Thug')
Kam Loi Kwan (as a 'Computer Virus Thug')
Ng Wing Sum (as a 'Computer Virus Thug')
Wong Chi Man (as a 'Computer Virus Thug')
Chow Cheung Duck (as a 'Forest Devil')
Kam Loi Kwan (as a 'Forest Devil')
Kok Siu Hang (as a 'Forest Devil')
Leung Chi Ming (as a 'Forest Devil')
Wong Chi Man (as a 'Forest Devil')
Buffalo Ma (as a 'Zu's Zombie Fighter')
Kam Loi Kwan (as a 'Zu's Zombie Fighter')
Leung Shing Hung (as a 'Zu's Zombie Fighter')
Ng Wing Sum (as a 'Zu's Zombie Fighter')
Wong Chi Man (as a 'Zu's Zombie Fighter')

Two trailers.
Animated photo gallery
(Left overs of) the interviews with Sammo Hung Kam Bo and Lau Kar Leung and the material shot at the Xiao Xiang Yu's Hope Art School.


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