Dead Mule Suitcase (production stoped)
  01/15/2008 Production was stoped

Unfortunately was the production of Dead Mule Suticase stoped and the project is on the back burner for a time. We can currently not say if and when the project go on. More information coming soon.

  06/27/2007 New filming locations and other new information

The filming locations will be Los Angeles (California, USA) and Thailand.

more details:
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Production Companies: Kantana Animation Co. Ltd., Tenzo Pictures, Thailand Asun
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Budget: $5,000,000 (estimated)

Stunts: Mark Huzi Wu

  01/30/2007 Dead Mule Suitcase status

The film has not begun filming yet, but Robin said "it will happen this year." He's still waiting for a 'green light' from the producer.

  12/20/2006 Dead Mule Suitcase status is "in production"

Robin Shou's next project Dead Mule Suitcase is in production with filming slated to begin this winter in Thailand.

  09/27/2006 in China and Thailand in the next time

Robin Shou will be in China next month to help James Hong to film his bio-pic. Then probably he head to Thailand to work out some logistic on his new project Dead Mule Suitcase.

  08/28/2006 Linden Ashby's role in Dead Mule Suitcase
  Here a fan question to Robin to Linden Ashby's role in Dead Mule Suitcase and Robin's answer.d Robin:

A fan recently asked Robin:

"Is the character, 'Harvey,' the missing partner who disappears prompting Jack's rescue mission (see DMS plot summery)? If not, then who is 'Harvey?' and how big is Linden's role in the movie in terms of screen time?"


And here Robin's answer:

"Harvey is not Jack’s partner, he's more of a mentor – replacing the missing partner. His role is pretty substantial and lots of action."

  07/10/2006 Dead Mule Suitcase current status

I think, it's time for update informations to the new film of Robin Shou.

At the moment, there are no pieces of news about but here a summery of current status.

Robin Shou (Director) is still working on Dead Mule Suitcase. Paul W. S. Anderson (Director of Mortal Kombat) also producing the project. But it's a little slow because he's filming Resident Evil 3 in Mexico.

Producer are Robin Shou and Asun Mawardi, Weiko Lin is co-writer and asociate producer and Sunny Chen is line producer. On the screenplay work Robin Shou, Weiko Lin and Matt Burch, the story is from Craig Lew.

The current list of credited casts:
Robin Shou as Jack Lam
Hakim Alston as Hakeem
Linden Ashby as Harvey
Ray Park as Krang
Keith Cooke as ?

Plot Summery:
When rogue DEA Agent Jack Lam's partner disappears while undercover in Thailand, he goes searching for him. Upon arrival in the dark, seedy underworld of murder, drugs, and prostitution, Jack uncovers a network of drug traffickers luring tourists to use them as mules. Teaming up with the local Thai cops, Jack must beat the ticking clock before it's too late.

Film locations are supposedly Bangkok, Ratchaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Kanchanaburi, Surat Thani, Prachup Khirikhan (but's not sure).

Dead Mule Suitcase is scheduled for a release in 2007.

… more updates coming soon!

  05/18/2006 Dead Mule Suitcase is turned in Thailand

The new film of Robin Shou (Dead Mule Suitcase) is turned in Thailand. Here few informations to the locations:

  • - Bangkok
  • - Ratchaburi
  • - Nakhon Pathom
  • - Kanchanaburi
  • - Surat Thani
  • - Prachup Khirikhan
  01/12/2006 Ray Park 's role in Dead Mule Suitcase
  A fan had a question to Ray Park's role in Dead Mule Suitcase. And here Robin's answer:d Robin:

Robin's answer:

"Ray would be a gladiator-ish fighter."




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